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Business Immigration
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We offer all-inclusive business immigration solutions to people worldwide. At GAC, we make your transition to Canada successful and seamless as possible with expert advice and services.

Business immigration programs are offered by provinces and territories in Canada. A qualified business applicant, who meets the eligibility criteria, will nominate for permanent residency with all the benefits living in Canada.


Business Seminars
Are you interested to learn more about Canadian business immigration before taking final decision to invest and/or manage a business in Canada? GAC will be happy to conduct a Canadian Business Immigration Seminars in your home country.


Business Trips
GAC offers complete business trip package to people to get a better prospective of life and doing business in Canada.

Seeking expert help to organize your business trip to Canada? Our experience representatives will be happy to assist you!


Business for Sale in Canada
Are you a business owner and seeking to buy/invest in a qualified Canadian business? Under Business immigration program you may immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident which allows you to become Canadian citizen later. GAC immigration services can help you to achieve your permanent residency of Canada and helping to buy a qualified business in Canada!


We will find you a business that is right for you to buy/invest. Fill out GAC Free Eligibility evaluation form for further assessment. Once we have received completed assessment form, we will be able to further assist you in evaluating your specific business needs. 


If your eligibility is confirmed and you have retained us, we will provide a list of business’ that will be right fit for you! 


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